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Homebirth Babies Due this coming Winter!
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This birth community is specifically for those pregnant mommas who are due around the months of November-December 2008 and early 2009. Winter babies 2008-2009!

Congratulations to all of you on your pregnancies!

This community is also specifically for those mommas who desire or are planning natural births either at home (unassisted or with a midwife). Moms planning a Free-Standing Birth Center birth may also apply to join.

The membership is moderated so if you apply to join, the mods will specifically look for evidence that you are 1)pregnant, 2)planning an out-of-hospital-birth. If those two criteria do not apply, do not be surprised if your membership request is denied.

To understand the mission and mindset of this community please read this and this.

Our mindset and birth philosophies are drastically different from the mainstream and this is your place for support and where you can talk openly about your choices and thoughts surrounding natural pregnancy and homebirth!

Websites of interest:

Please introduce yourself after you join and feel free to post rants or rambles about all things pregnancy and birth related!

As always, even if our birth philosophies are similar I'm sure we will find that we still have some differences! (It's not a perfect world.) Please, let's respect each other's beliefs, opinions, and differences and try to treat each other with honor and respect.