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Red Raspberry Leaf

How do you feel about red raspberry leaf tea?
Does it really help with anything?
I've heard that it tones the uterus and can help strengthen it to make contractions more productive, but I haven't been able to find actual facts about this, just what people say.

I have some but for whatever reason have been drinking other teas (and coffee) instead. I decided that since I am so close to my due date I would try some last night. Yuck! It was awful. It tasted like black tea that was wayyyy stale. I put honey in it, and that actually made it worse.

I don't think I will be drinking anymore of it, unless there are true benefits and not just assumed ones. Does anyone know?

My little one arrived!

I wanted to post that my son Dane Valentine arrived at home November 28th, at 1:47pm. I had a successful HBAC. I went into labor at 11:30pm Thanksgiving night and had him the next day. I believe I pushed for 2 hours, I'm not sure honestly haha. I haven't read over my midwifes papers yet.

He was 7lbs 14oz and 22 inches long. My first born was 7lbs 5oz and 21 inches long. Dane came at exactly 41 weeks!

I'm so proud of myself to have the birth I wanted so badly. It meant so much to me to have a great midwife and a wonderfully supporting husband (who wasnt so supportive at the start). With out them, I couldn't have gone completely natural and have him at home.

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Callum Patrick

My little guy was born 12-1-2008 at exactly 1 pm (here in VA).
A tiny little fellow at 6lbs, 9oz and 19 in long. He was 39wx3days (according to LMP, but I think he is probably a bit younger). EDD 12/5/08

Yay, I'm finally typing with two hands!

We planned a homebirth. We ended up in the hospital after I experienced some rather heavy bleeding and became worried, since we hadnt had any ultrasounds to determine where the placenta was. Everything was a-okay but there I was in the hospital, where they notified me I was 5cms dilated (I had no clue) and they considered me in "active labor." We decided to go ahead and stay, my water began to trickle shortly afterwards, from the exams I suspect.
Things started off kind of rough, but I had a doula show up and ended up having THE MOST AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL BIRTH I COULD HAVE IMAGINED right there in the hospital. He was born about 5 hours after contractions started-- maybe two hours of really serious intense labor and about 20 minutes of pushing, if that.

He's getting the hang of breastfeeding after some trouble in the beginning and he sure does take up a lot of time

I will share the longer birth story later. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and enjoy absolutely every moment of this wonderful experience.

(PS- The sex worked!!)

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I know we were talking in comments in a post yesterday about things people say and do as first time parents.

I have to bite my tongue a lot. I wasn't very educated my first time, but I did know some things. I was also 19, scared and pressured very easily by my doctors. Which lead to an unnecessary c-section. Here I am at 22 planning an HBAC.

I belong to a board my friend owns, I rarely post there. I am the only one there with the views I have towards birthing and parenting.

One comment was made to another girl who is pregnant and due 2 weeks after me. She may have to be induced because of pregnancy induced hypertension. It wasn't her who bothered me, but another poster.

Her comment that got to me was "look at it this way, the baby will be a few pounds smaller then she would be in a few weeks!"

Why on earth would you say that and be excited about it?! I don't get it, honestly, i don't! I don't get some peoples stupidity and their lack of thoughts for a healthy baby.

Sorry, it really got to me and I don't really have anywhere but here to post about it. I'm seen as the crazy home birther on there with the off the wall beliefs.
Ben and Tim

Birth Plan Thoughts

I want to sit down with my husband and figure out our birth preferences before my 28 week appointment so that I can discuss them with the midwife and find out what their standard practices are.

My thoughts so far are under hereCollapse ) you guys have any suggestions of things I am forgetting that we need to know our preferences on?